Return To Abracadabra

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Branding was THE buzzword for business magazines and THE saving grace for mediocre marketing for many years. Not anymore. The column inches that the brand used to get are now dominated by digital.
The mediocrity of the majority of brand-building work is out in the open due to social media. Everyone has an opinion. Everything is challenged and changed. The old rules of focused brand building, long-term strategic thinking, and end-to-end control of messaging seem outdated. The digital world wants everything agile, tactical, uncontrolled.
With such a new world order, slowly the doubt started to creep in – is brand still the omnipotent force that it used to be? Is brand at all relevant or is it like an outdated patriarch that is slowly losing its grip on reality as the digital mindset is ushered in?
That lingering doubt is what this book is addressing.
This book is trying to reach a generation of young executives who are conversed in how to create a paid campaign in social media without understanding how they are trying to build a brand through that campaign. We need to learn both.
Magic happens when brand world collides into digital world.


Book Info
Title Return to Abracadabra
Author Shahriar Amin
Publisher আদর্শ
ISBN 978-984-95983-4-3
Edition ১ম প্রকাশ ২০২২
Number of Pages 88
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

Shahriar Amin calls himself “A marketer for a monthly payday and a storyteller for the daily rush.’’
He has diverse corporate experience with over 18 years of full-time professional brand marketing experience in some of the biggest technology and consumer goods companies in the world in multiple countries; including Philip Morris International (PMI), Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and Grameenphone.
He also ventured in the world of tech start-ups; gathering in-depth understanding of business, management, marketing, advertisement, digital, agility and above all – the consumer psyche. This book is a reflection of that.
He has been writing for the thrill of storytelling – blogging, content writing, copywriting, movie reviews, e-books, fiction, management articles – with a diverse set of interest and expertise such as business management, marketing, digital transformation, psychology, movie reviews, TV shows, pop culture etc. for over 15 years. This book is also a reflection of that.
He can be reached in Instagram under the name “shahriars.uncommon.sense” where he teaches brand, content marketing and digital for anyone who wants to be a part of a learning journey.

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