The Emerald Stone

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Lizzy ends her work on her laptop and then slams on her bed. When she wakes up, she isn’t in her city anymore. She wakes up in a magical world filled with very mysterious beings and a quiet wonderful queen at the palace. Lizzy stays at that place and meets her new friend Christian. She wants to go to Estella’s palace but in the middle of the journey, their dragon gets injured by fireballs shooting from the sky. They stop at the fairies kingdom and she gets to know about the emerald stone a bit more clearly. Mr. William the father of Christian was her first suspicion because he acts pretty mysterious. As she goes to Estella’s palace she gets to know more secrets about that palace and Estella herself. Then mysterious things start to happen to her in the palace. Did Lizzy finally find the emerald stone at last…

Book Info
Title The Emerald Stone
Author উম্মে মাইসুন
Publisher আদর্শ
ISBN 978-984-96564-2-5
Edition 1st Published, 2022
Number of Pages 112
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

Umme Maisun is a young educator in Bangladesh. She teaches Basic English to kids who are studying in Bangla medium. Maisun herself is a Bangla medium student. She makes videos on the digital platform for kids so that they can adapt to the English Language way faster. Many think that English is a very hard language to learn and adapt but Maisuns thinking was that, English is just a language, you can learn it very easily if you think it is easy. She is 11 years old, studying in class five. She lives in Chittagong with her parents. Her YouTube channel is Maisuns world, Facebook page is Maisuns world and English with Maisun, Instagram is it_is_maisun. She also has another book published which is Chotoder Spoken English.

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