How to Ride a Unicorn

By (author)Shahriar Amin

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Too much direct selling & overselling— led to the downfall of Advertising as a tool. Content marketing is the evolution that is trying to resolve all the shortcomings of Advertising.
There are many videos and blog posts about content marketing. But not a holistic book that tackles the entirety of the issue.
To transit from the content struggler of today to the content superstar of tomorrow, this book will come in handy.
Here we run down each & every critical component of content marketing, from understanding the audience profiling to measuring success, from processes & templates that will make the entire content marketing efficient to all the creative tips that will make it effective.
Why we chose to dedicate a whole book on content marketing to showcase the influence of digital marketing whereas every day new and shiny tools are being added. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on those tools such as social media or influencer marketing?
Tools come and go. But principles such as content marketing has longer shelf life & are more strategic in nature that answer the question “How” instead of “What”.
If you know how to drive, the cars you ride don’t matter.
If you know content marketing, you can do it for any platform effectively.
If you know content marketing, you know how to ride any digital era “unicorn”.

Book Info
TitleHow to Ride a Unicorn
AuthorShahriar Amin
Edition১ম প্রকাশ
Number of Pages96

Shahriar Amin

Shahriar Amin

Shahriar Amin has diverse corporate experience with over 20 years of full-time professional brand marketing experience in some of the biggest technology and consumer goods companies in the world in multiple countries; including Philip Morris International (PMI), Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and Grameenphone.
He taught marketing in MBA classes in East West university & ULAB and also has over 5000 hours of corporate training experience.
He also ventured in the world of tech start-ups; gathering in-depth understanding of business, management, marketing, advertisement, digital, agility and above all—the consumer psyche. This book is a reflection of that.
He has been writing for the thrill of storytelling – blogging, content writing, copywriting, movie reviews, e-books, fiction, and management articles—with a diverse set of interests and expertise such as business management, marketing, digital transformation, psychology, pop culture etc. for over 15 years. This book is also a reflection of that.
This is his second book. His first book Return to Abracadabra: How to get brand building right as digital world wants to go left was published in 2021.
He can be reached through his website

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