Islamic Thoughts & Theories

By (author)Hazzaz Ahmed

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Islam is mostly acknowledged as the fastest-growing religion in the world. The Quran declares Islam as the complete code of life. Thus, it can be comprehended that the completeness of Islam lies in its inclusiveness. Then why Muslims are often argued to be intolerant? Why is the concept of “Islamism” being debated to be a threat to global peace? Why do some of the Islamic groups and communities morbidly oppose one another?
The Quran differentiates the types of “faithful” with terms like “Mumin” and “Amanu”, but how many of us are aware of the differences between them? Also, the Quran acknowledges the previous Prophets and Messengers, yet why the long-continued battle among the religions is still an issue to have a dispute over? Are Islamic principles relevant to understanding the western philosophical concepts like Stoicism, Existentialism, Epicureanism, and etc.?
This book addresses all the questions mentioned above, and it critically assesses every answer discussed throughout the book. It focuses on the linguistic traits of the Quran while keeping different Hadiths and academic texts into account. This book aims at developing a theoretical background of the Islamic principles and practices followed by a number of Historical and Philosophical analyses.

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TitleIslamic Thoughts & Theories
AuthorHazzaz Ahmed
Edition১ম প্রকাশ ২০২১
Number of Pages296

Hazzaz Ahmed is an aspiring researcher. His research works are mostly focused on “Theology” and “Governance” because in his words, “They include almost all the integral elements of human lives e.g. Economics, Philosophy, and Politics etc.” His choice of genre in writing is witnessed to have combined different social elements into one. His theoretical analyses address different social issues on the basis of academic interpretations and arguments. Thus, his pursuits of research works are measured to succeed only through their relevance to social utility.
He was born in Rangpur. From the beginning of his school education to college, he studied in Cantonment Public School and College, Rangpur. Later, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics at North South University, Dhaka, and then he received his Master’s degree in International Relations and Democratic Politics from the University of Westminster, London. Thus, his academic background bears an inclusive pattern of education to reflect upon.
He takes comparative academic arguments into consideration while assessing their needs for the purpose of implementation in a society. He holds the pen with a belief of contributing to building a safer tomorrow by means of his academic expertise.

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