Live Akibuki

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One of the most used devices of the modern world is a smartphone. Nowadays, most people from every age are immersed in the world of Facebook and YouTube day and night through their smartphones. For children, being involved in the virtual world for a long time is harmful. However, it is also foolish to keep all modern technology away from children as it will make them fall behind in the rapidly changing world. Every child loves to paint. They want to paint the world as they wish. Coloring gives birth to creativity in them. Besides, children learn to plan, where to use which color, how to do it, which color to do first, which to do later. This book is our small endeavor to make children happily acquainted with our native heritage through the proper use of technology and at the same time developing their creativity. Let Digital Bangladesh be started by our next generation. Through this book, they will happily learn about our past, our heritage.

Book Info
TitleLive Akibuki
AuthorFoysal Ahmed Anik , Musbbir Islam Rafi
Edition1st Published, 2021

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